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Ekaterina Gerasimenko12/04/2024

Great experience. Customer service was on point and my order arrived on time. Very happy with my purchase

Dustin Stercl20/03/2024

The hats are great so far. Good quality
What I’m extremely unhappy with is the 7 weeks it took for delivery after being told it would be 2-3 weeks. Definitely will go elsewhere for our companies gear.

Faye Cooper18/03/2024

Simply, great caps, great service. That's all you need to you know :-)

Amy Normandeau12/03/2024

Great product, very easy to deal with the designer. Extremely quick turn around and receipt.

Katy Jewsbury09/03/2024

The creating process was easy and fun to make while the production and delivery time was very fair. I'd say the price was also reasonable for the customization and placements I chose. If I make a hat I'll use them again! 10/10 experience. Thanks guys

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